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May 8th 2024

Bienfait: Rising from Humble Beginnings to Court Success

Bienfait Muyenzi Nkusi, a towering figure both in stature and determination, traces his journey from humble beginnings to burgeoning success. Raised by a single mother who instilled in him values of responsibility and diligence, Bienfait found solace and inspiration on the basketball court, fueled by his family's love for the game. Despite facing financial challenges, Bienfait's perseverance led him to Kepler, where he excels as a student-athlete while pursuing a major in Hospitality Management.

Dec 23rd 2023

A look back at the stories that shaped 2023

As we approach the year’s end, it’s time to revisit the stories that made our headlines in 2023. From transformative programs like Kepler Success to launching Kepler Volleyball Club, this year has been a tapestry of compelling narratives that resonated with partners, institutions and the entire Keplerian community. Join us in reflecting on the most impactful tales that shaped our understanding of the past 12 months.

Dec 4th 2023

Kepler Announces Mandy Juruni as Head Coach of Men’s D1 Basketball Team

Kepler has announced the appointment of Mandy Juruni as the new Head Coach for Kepler Basketball Club, D1 Men's team, marking a significant step in the organization’s ongoing efforts to enhance its sports programs and foster athletic excellence. A celebrated figure in African basketball, Juruni brings a wealth of experience and a successful track record, having coached both men's and women's basketball teams.

Dec 3rd 2023

Chanceline and Jordan’s Journey of Adaptation and Success

In a world where inclusivity often remains a challenge, two ambitious Project Management students, Kevin Henry Jordan Uwizeyimana and Chanceline Umuyange, found a nurturing environment at Kepler, a place committed to supporting students with disabilities. Their journey began in different years, with Chanceline starting at Kepler in 2022 and Jordan joining a year later in 2023. Despite their different backgrounds, they shared a common goal: to overcome societal barriers and achieve their dreams.

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