The Essence of Learning While Doing

Education, a right for all but a privilege for many.

There are more than 25 million refugees around the world and many do not have access to a quality education. Kepler is working to change that. In Rwanda’s west is Kiziba Refugee Camp, the oldest refugee camp in Rwanda and home to a unique Kepler campus.

The Kepler Kiziba Campus was founded in 2015 and has enrolled about 300 refugees to-date in either Bachelor of Arts in Communication or Bachelor of Management in Logistics and Operations degree programs. So far 116 of the beneficiaries have graduated from the campus with a 91% employment rate within 6 months of graduation.

Patient Buhendwa is a passionate and people-centered coach teaching at the Kepler Kiziba Campus since August 2022. Today, Patient teaches Information Technology and serves as a career guidance counselor, giving students advice and tools to propel them into the workforce.

When I started my teaching journey, I already had an admiration for teachers and the crucial role they play in society, and with this reverence came a hunger to be part of change within my community,” says Patient.

Patient Buhendwa (Source: Kepler)

The campus provides a unique experience by serving students from vulnerable communities like Kiziba Refugee Camp and a few Rwandans from the neighboring communities. It is also rewarding for Kepler facilitators and staff.

The Kepler teaching experience in Kiziba has taught me a lot. I’ve been able to experience what a professional environment is like, especially in learning essential skills like time management, balancing tasks, and building my emotional intelligence. It’s made me a better critical thinker and a better facilitator,” says Patient.

Kepler’s learning model places a strong emphasis on learning by doing, pushing our students and facilitators to be active participants in their learning experiences. This includes being keen researchers with inquisitive thinking, as well as strong critical thinkers who are able to adapt to diverse environments. Available Student Coach positions are posted on the students portal for interested students to apply and the selection process is done just like for real job placement. This is how Patient got hired as a Learning Coach while he is still a student.

Being a facilitator at Kepler instills a spirit of hard work and growth within you. I can be a learner and a teacher at the same time. It is an environment where we all learn by doing, not only for our students but also for us as teachers as well,” says Patient.

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