Refugee Education

Kepler is committed to ensuring at least 25% of our student body are refugee learners.

We are working to address both the disparity in access to higher education for marginalized populations as well as the inequities in post-graduate employment opportunities.

Kepler tackles these complex problems through a holistic approach that supports students from vulnerable backgrounds at every step on the path from post-secondary to economic mobility and community leadership. Our Iteme preparation program has served over 800 secondary school graduates from refugee and host communities across Rwanda who wish to pursue tertiary education.


Kepler’s campus in the Kiziba refugee camp was one of the first programs to provide access to fully accredited university degrees in a remote camp setting. Kepler has enrolled 500 refugees in BA degree programs through Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), and the social impact on their communities is already notable. Our Kiziba graduates were among the first refugees hired by humanitarian actors in Rwanda and are shaping a broader dialogue around employment and self-reliance for refugees