Who is Vedaste Mugisha the New Kepler Kiziba Alumni Representative?




Vedaste Mugisha’s pursuit of excellence in education and leadership has led him to a significant role as the new Kepler Kiziba Alumni Representative.

His academic expedition commenced with earning a bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Management with a focus on Communication. Vedaste’s thirst for knowledge didn’t stop there as he is currently immersed in an MBA program, demonstrating a profound commitment to personal and professional evolution.

Vedaste’s tenure as an Academic Reviewer at Kepler’s Southern New Hampshire University program showcases his dedication to preserving eminent academic standards while nurturing the educational ambitions of students. This role has significantly honed his abilities in academic oversight, illustrating his investment in education and the academic community.

His leadership odyssey at Kepler has been nothing short of transformative, a journey that has culminated in the honor of representing the vibrant alumni community of Kepler Kiziba.

Vedaste’s experience on the 2018-2020 executive committee at Kepler Kiziba has been instrumental in sharpening his leadership acumen, team collaboration, and community engagement. This period was a crucible for Vedaste, where he engaged with a diverse cadre of individuals, tackled intricate challenges, and made important decisions that positively impacted the community’s trajectory.

As Vedaste steps into his role as the Kepler Kiziba Alumni Representative, his vision is clear.

I aim to continue fostering the strong bonds formed during my time at Kepler, ensuring that our community thrives and remains connected, even beyond our academic journey together,” he articulates.