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29 Jul

A closer look at Iteme: Kepler’s bridge to success

Curious about Kepler’s bridge to higher education Iteme program? Take a peek inside, as Refugee College Guidance Counselor Ella Ininahazwe and program graduate Elizabeth Kampire talk all things Iteme. “Iteme helps students leave the mindset of the impossible and enter the mindset of the possible.” Translated into English, iteme literally means “bridge,” and that’s precisely what Kepler’s […]


2 Jun

Daring to Dream: How Kepler grad Gentille Dusenge is building a better future

“I wonder what would have happened, if I’d never found Kepler. Perhaps my son would have  grown up in the same conditions that I did, eating only once per day,” Gentille Dusenge  ponders. She starkly remembers walking to school with cold bare feet each morning as a child,  often on an empty stomach. Gentille graduated […]


10 May

Study with me: A snapshot of Kepler Kiziba with star student Clarisse Uwamahoro

Follow Kepler Kiziba student and learning coach Clarisse Uwamahoro as she studies during a global pandemic. “The Kiziba refugee camp is a difficult place to learn, but through trying our best, we still succeed.” Clarisse reflects on challenges, support from the Kepler community, and the importance of education.  “The Kiziba refugee camp is a difficult […]


7 Mar

Leadership during change: An interview with Student Guild President Callixte Kagabo

Student Guild President Callixte Kagabo reflects on leadership, the Kepler community, and pandemic adjustments. “We are always here for students.”  “I guess there are three things that got me interested in Kepler,” Callixte reflects. “The first was the level of education: it’s an international degree from an internationally accredited university. Next was the student loan, […]


5 Feb

Kepler community attends Car Free Day: Planks, reflections, and the Kepler spirit

We caught up with a group of Kepler staff and alumni at Car Free Day in mid-January. Amidst high-spirited cross-fitters and a (slightly intimidating) karate team, our Kepler community powered through ab work and stretches, all with smiles on their faces. Check out their reflections on exercise, mental clarity, and the Kepler spirit: Sylvia Uhirwa, […]


22 Jan

Grads talk Healthcare Management during COVID: Initiative, Inspiration, and Individual Action

“Currently, we’re seeing the significance of healthcare management,” considers Benita Gwaneza. “Coronavirus has exposed the gaps in healthcare and really emphasized the importance of prevention.” Recently, Kepler-Southern New Hampshire University graduates Benita Gwaneza and Joella Ingabire reflected on the global health climate with us. Both studied Healthcare Management with concentrations in Global Perspectives while at […]


21 Dec

From DEO to CEO: Graduate Benita Mulungi talks Kepler community spirit

Benita Mulungi is driven. While studying full-time with Kepler-SNHU, Benita took on extra responsibilities as student guild president and technology learning assistant. But, she points out, she wasn’t alone. Now as a graduate, Benita reflects on Kepler’s supportive community spirit.  “It was hard. I can’t say I did it all on my own,” attests Kepler-SNHU graduate […]


18 Dec

Kepler in Motion: How Kepler alumni – Moshions staff are applying lessons outside of class.

They work at Moshions, one of Rwanda’s leading fashion brands. They’re also all Kepler-SNHU graduates. “My major takeaway is that Kepler prepared me for work,” says Calene Ingabire, an Office Assistant at Moshions. “Not only did it give me theoretical knowledge, but it also practically trained me for the workplace.”   We sat down with the […]


17 Nov

The Value of Gaining Professional Experience before Graduation.

Niyonkuru Egide, recent Kepler/SNHU graduate & Quality Assurance Officer at Siriforce. The COVID-19 pandemic has not been an easy time for refugees, especially for those graduating. Fortunately, with the support of the Kepler academic team and refugee college guidance counselors, I managed to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree from Southern New Hampshire University during this […]