Belynda on self-learning at Kepler

Belynda Abayisenga Isimbi, 22, almost got the shock of her life when she first encountered the concept of self-learning at Kepler in Kigali! Though a friend had recommended the school to her, her first encounter with Kepler raised more questions than answers in her head.

“It was a challenge at first to get acquainted to the self learning process. In my first week at Kepler, I felt like giving up but with time I managed to persevere,” she said.

Slowly, things started shaping up. To cope, Belynda started doing things ahead of time which helped to enhance her productivity. She also started encouraging fellow students to be better time managers.

“Now I understand that self learning involves a teacher giving you a task that you have to solve. The process trains you to become an independent thinker and doer,” she said.

“There is no place I would rather be than Kepler. I have gained first hand experience in becoming a leader,” Remarked Belynda who is also the Kepler Student Guild Secretary. My leadership responsibilities include supporting the SG committee on planning, organizing and coordinating meetings and also supporting student clubs. In my free time, I like to sing and experiment with making snacks for friends and family.

She said that while there are theories about how to do things, putting them into action can be a difficult task.

She credited Kepler for equipping her with practical skills that are helping her to unlock the vision that she has for her life.

“At Kepler, they don’t make you job seekers but job creators,” she said, adding that she is interested in establishing a business selling bags to women.

Belynda said that before joining Kepler her time management capabilities were random. Now time management is like part of her DNA.

“Time management helps you to stick to your plans and helps you to become effective and productive.”

She said that her desire is to become self employed and contribute to her community.