Fostering a Passion for Writing at Kepler

Nadege Sandra Uwayezu, 19, always had a passion for writing for as long as she remembers.

Nadege currently has three published books that include a memoir and two poetry collections titled ‘Lighting in the Dark’, ‘First Creation’ and ‘Sense and Sensation’.

Though she excelled in science subjects in high school, she chose to steer her pathway in a direction that was aligned to her dream of becoming a writer.

Nadege said that besides her passion for writing she has always been intrigued by literature since she was a child. 

 “When I joined Kepler I was already writing poetry. I chose to pursue a degree in communications to broaden my writing career. I felt that I had good grounding to succeed in this area,” she said.

Nadege credits her experience at Kepler Kigali with giving her self confidence to become better at her writing.

“The experience at Kepler has been great in instilling a modicum of perspective and belief in my own capabilities. It has given me the right skills needed to navigate today’s world. For example, I am a writer, and I need to write everyday but my typing skills were not that good. I learned typing skills at Kepler and now it takes me a very short time to write my pieces,” she said.

As part of its teaching approach, Kepler is preparing young Africans for the future of work with competency-driven 21st century skills.

Nadege said that she is a multi-dimensional writer who is neither bogged down by the genre or medium of writing. 

“My writing varies depending on the job to be done but when it comes to my personal writing, I like addressing issues that are around me,” she said.

Nadege added that the core values of Kepler Kigali such as inclusion and diversity have inspired her. “Kepler has taught me to have a purpose, and the fact that the school goes out of its way to find opportunities for us, is really positive,” she said.

“I started to see the benefits of joining Kepler even before I finished the foundational program, and these include acquiring new tech skills, time management and critical thinking.”

She said that the time management skills that she has acquired during her time at Kepler Kigali have been life transforming. “Time is critical because opportunity does not wait for anyone. It’s important that we place ourselves at the right time. If you don’t manage your time well, you’ll lose opportunities,” she said.

Nadege wants to pursue further education in communication including raising awareness of literature in Rwanda.