Gloria Mutoni, an emerging entrepreneur from Kepler

Gloria Umutoni (source: Kepler archives)

I am a class of 2020 graduate from Kepler with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Management, concentration in Logistics and Operations through Southern New Hampshire University. I am a Finance Associate as well as an emerging entrepreneur in event planning and management. My mission is to enlighten and create memorable inclusive events for my clients.

My journey at Kepler was quite transformative. Kepler introduced me to a diverse community but most of all instilled professional, leadership and competitive skills which have molded the business woman I am today.

Kepler has provided a strong foundation for my passion in finance and event management. At first, I did not know what my career options were. So I consulted a career advisor who convinced me to apply for internships and select modules that are related to my interest in Finance. I took my first internship as an accountant assistant in a consulting company. Looking back on this experience, I realize that I learnt key finance skills which I use today: financial reporting, management of business assets and working with different financial softwares.

The most interesting module that I studied was the ‘Introduction to Finance’, where I learnt different financial concepts like net present value, internal rate of return of money, annuity, stock pricing, growth and valuation, cost of capital and financial investment to mention a few. Ever since, finance resonated with me because this module made me believe that I can be part of the long road towards building my country into a self-sustaining economy.

Additionally, Kepler’s module of ‘Professional Competence’ introduced me to event planning and helped me to figure out how to create room and ideas for ‘passion’ projects. I learnt how to organize and manage different events while multitasking and prioritizing activities. Using modern software, to-do- lists, working proactively and assembling a team were all skills I acquired.

Currently, post-graduate life is not always easy but I choose to focus on successes and constant growth while of course not forgetting to enjoy my youth. I have figured out what I want to do with my life, and I am investing more of my time in growing my network. I do not know everything which is why I engage myself in constant learning through getting inspired and inspiring others.

The words of wisdom I would give my fellow alumni is to explore your passions and do what you love. Invest in constant learning, be inspired, and become an inspiration to others. Take full advantage of the vast international resources and strive to become a young visionary in your community.