Hope Kabalisa, the unsung heroine

The Kigali Kepler campus is known for hosting various events and meetings throughout the week. We have grown from using our limited classroom space to new buildings and vast outdoor space, including our revamped basketball court where we are currently hosting exciting play offs by Rwanda BasketBall League (FERWABA). This means that a lot of coordination by operations and support staff goes into maintaining the beautiful campus.

Hope Kabalisa - Kepler Operations Officer

We caught up with Hope Kabalisa, a mother of three, fondly known as mama Hope to learn how her typical work day looks like, here is the conversation:

Tell us about your role at Kepler and how your day starts and ends
I am the Operations Officer and we are a team of three people. By 6:30 am, I am on campus checking on how the cleaners are doing to make sure that offices and classrooms are all set by 8am. During the day, I manage logistics and ensure staff and students have the required supplies. My work usually ends by 7pm but may go as late as 9pm after checking if office doors and windows are locked up, furniture returned to where it belongs and everything is in order.

Two Things that make you happy about your job?
1. Seeing the whole estate clean and everyone comfortable and happy with the environment, I feel accomplished
2. Freedom to execute tasks, I like the autonomy, trust, and peace we are given at work to exercise our duties and responsibilities. It motivates us to work well.

Message to the Kepler community?
I love them so much because they are unique people (gives a hearty laugh).
The students are generally obedient and collaborative. I like how they do not complain when we move them from classrooms to set up for meetings and events.

How do you spend your free time? She laughs again! ‘I like being happy, reading the bible, and singing at church. I do not like being sad at all!’