Moulding Future Leaders at Kepler

Réalité Teta Ikuzo, 22, heard about Kepler from his brother who is currently based in the US. In an interview, Ikuzo said that his time at Kepler thus far has been highly transformative. He joined the groundbreaking higher education institution in April 2021 and considers it one of the best decisions he has made in his life.

“This is the most transformative sixteen months that I have had in my life. If I look at everything that has happened, from how I have been taught to think, plan, and execute; the impact has been beyond my imagination,” he said.

Ikuzo said that Kepler has enabled him to take control of his life enabling him to execute meticulously with impact in mind.

“Everything must be in line with the end goal that I have in mind at the beginning or even better than I expected at the beginning,” he said.

When he joined Kepler, he went through an orientation to learn about how things are done at the school from assignment writing and how not to plagiarise among other skills.

“Kepler is a place like no other. We work on most things digitally. The digital approach has been one of the best things to happen to me,” he said.

“Ever since I was a child I have been interested in technology, and this was an opportunity to learn more about new trends. It was me adding onto things that I knew before. This goes hand in hand with my responsibilities as a Learning Assistant in Technology as well. This empowers me with being in charge of a class, and therefore allows me to exercise leadership skills on the academic scale, thus teaching me how to conduct a lesson as well as supporting students and facilitating their learning journey”. Explains Ikuzo

He added that the relationship between teachers and students at Kepler is very fluid, the teachers treat students like adults and provide extra help.

“There is a good relationship between teachers and students. It’s very easy and progressive, and the working relationship is always at its best,” he said. “It’s like a two way street.”

Ikuzo added that Kepler provides for a lot of extracurricular activities to help students gain a hold of the real world.

“I don’t like being tied to one thing. I don’t like to confine myself in one small space. I like to expose myself to multiple things. I want to have an impact. This is where being a Kepler ambassador comes in. We get exposed to different activities that happen in school, and what’s more important is that we get the opportunity to help plan the events as well as execute them. When the activities are thoroughly and successfully done, we get to enjoy the feeling of accomplishment.” Ikuzo describes his role as a Kepler ambassador.

One of the key things that has stood out for him at Kepler is the freedom that is inculcated into students to be creative independent thinkers and doers.

“There is freedom to venture into anything you like. No one stops anyone from doing anything as long as the commitment and the results can be realised. Kepler never pushes anyone down. One thing they do is provide advice so that you don’t get lost.”

Ikuzo talked about his hobbies here at Kepler as well. “I enjoy using my free time in different activities, most especially basketball. I am a huge basketball fan, and I am glad that I will get to enjoy our newly-built court and do lots of exercise. This helps me to stay in shape as well as enjoy the game in general.

He added that the experience at Kepler has modelled him into a futuristic leader .

“The experience and knowledge at Kepler is one that you’ll not get anywhere else. Kepler provides you a framework to be ready for life,” he said. “There are many things that I have gained that other people now recognize. It’s been an impressive and informative journey,”

His dedication does not only stop with school-related activities alone, though. He told us about his future aspirations after graduation.
“When I graduate, I want to be able to partake the skills that I will have learned from being a Communications major into some of the most successful companies like MTN and BK, or found a company that specialises in communications related opportunities.”