Our Programs

At Kepler, we want our students and trainees to access opportunities, whether through employment or entrepreneurship, to improve their lives. As the world evolves, we are interested in offering students new pathways to gainful employment. We know that improving the lives of young people has an immediate impact on their families and communities.

US-accredited degrees

In 2013, Kepler was presented with an opportunity to increase its impact through a partnership with Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU)’s Global Education Movement (GEM), a network which provides students in East Africa with access to US accredited bachelor’s degrees. Since we enrolled our first student in 2013, Kepler has graduated 662 students through our groundbreaking SNHU partnership.


Since 2013, Kepler’s mission has been to create new pathways to employment for young people. In January 2021, Kepler expanded to Ethiopia with a pilot program to tackle Africa’s growing youth unemployment challenge. The Graduate Employment Program (GEP) was launched in collaboration with two TVETs (Technical and Vocational Education (TVET) institutions in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Refugee Education

Kepler is committed to ensuring at least 25% of our student body are refugee learners. We are working to address both the disparity in access to higher education for marginalized populations as well as the inequities in post-graduate employment opportunities. Kepler tackles these complex problems through a holistic approach that supports students from vulnerable backgrounds at every step on the path from post-secondary to economic mobility and community leadership.

Kepler College

Over the last years, Kepler has been reflecting on how to further contextualize its degrees while increasing its impact within Rwanda and Africa. Drawing from our experience and successes, particularly in terms of meeting the demands of the local labor market,  we are launching Kepler College in Rwanda with a first accredited Bachelor’s degree in project management. Kepler College will allow us to provide tailored bachelor’s and master’s degrees to more young people with real time updates to curriculum to respond to the changing world of work.