Kepler Alumna Denyse’s Journey to Ignite Change with Agati Library




Kigali, Rwanda – 14 November 2023 | Denyse’s Kepler journey began in 2016, fueled by the desire for a quality education that married affordability with her passion for communications. As she immersed herself in the vibrant learning environment, she discovered her calling amidst the stacks of books where she worked as a librarian, a role that planted the seeds for her future endeavors.

I discovered early on that books had the power to build bridges and tear down walls,” Denyse recalls.

Her most cherished memories at Kepler revolved around Fun Fridays and the insights shared by guest speakers. These experiences not only provided a glimpse into the professional world but also cemented her resolve to bridge the gap between education and community engagement.

Denyse graduated in 2019 from Bachelor’s of Arts in Communications with a concentration in Business, already having co-founded Agati Library in 2018, with the aim to give Rwandan children access to books to widen their aspirations so they can break the cycle of poverty. The library has since become a beacon of knowledge in her hometown – Musanze, Northern Rwanda.

The ‘work-study’ at Kepler didn’t just pay the bills; it paid forward into my dream of bringing a library to life in my hometown,” Denyse asserted.

Denyse embarked on a professional journey that saw her rise through the ranks of Girl Effect, where she wielded her communication prowess to amplify the voices of young girls.

With each passing year, Denyse’s impact deepened. Her role at the World Bank as a Junior Professional Associate in Rwanda’s Country Management Unit is a testament to her relentless pursuit of growth and societal development. Yet, it is her work with Agati Library that remains the hallmark of her influence. Alongside five co-founders, Denyse has grown Agati Library into a learning hub and a youth movement. With the main site in Musanze, branches in three hospitals, and a weekly mobile library initiative, their network of over 80 volunteers now engages with more than 2000 children every month.

Denyse credits her education at Kepler for her ‘I-can-learn-anything’ muscle, which has been pivotal in navigating her career’s diverse demands. Whether it was leveraging her mathematical acumen or deploying strategic communications, the skills honed at Kepler were instrumental in her success.

Every step in my career has been a building block, and Kepler provided the foundation. It’s upon us to build castles, not just careers,” she reflected.

Looking ahead in the next five years, Denyse envisions herself in a senior leadership role, continuing to drive change and leave an indelible mark on society. Her advice to current and prospective Kepler students is a blend of wisdom and encouragement: listen to your heart, embrace change with grace, and wield your Kepler-honed skills to carve out your own path of impact.

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