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30 May

GEP’s Transformative Approach to Job Market Readiness Empowers African Youth

In a world where competition for employment is fierce, youth in Ethiopia are embracing the opportunity to enhance their employability through Kepler’s Graduate Employment Program (GEP). The program equips learners with essential soft skills, empowering them to navigate the job market with confidence. Students like Tariku Teshome and Wibet Aderajew Miseganaw from Addis Ababa Tegbare-Id […]


22 Nov

The Essence of Learning While Doing

The Essence of Learning While Doing Education, a right for all but a privilege for many. There are more than 25 million refugees around the world and many do not have access to a quality education. Kepler is working to change that. In Rwanda’s west is Kiziba Refugee Camp, the oldest refugee camp in Rwanda […]


16 Nov

Inspiring a Generation of Change-Makers

Inspiring a Generation of Change-Makers Since 2013, Kepler has been advancing, reinventing and offering high-quality education. Through a rigorous research-based teaching module, Kepler students are upskilled and prepared to enter the workforce. Kepler’s alumni have gone on to be founders of various organizations and projects that are positively impacting their communities. Kepler’s alumni have had […]


31 Aug

Hope Kabalisa, the unsung heroine

Hope Kabalisa, the unsung heroine The Kigali Kepler campus is known for hosting various events and meetings throughout the week. We have grown from using our limited classroom space to new buildings and vast outdoor space, including our revamped basketball court where we are currently hosting exciting play offs by Rwanda BasketBall League (FERWABA). This […]


21 Mar

A Passion for Music and Academics at Kepler

Eric Niyonkuru, a student who enrolled into Kepler in 2019 to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Communications degree, said that life events inspire him to write music. The student better known by his stage name, Ric Noir, broke into the music industry three years ago.  Niyonkuru said he makes use of prioritization and scheduling […]


4 Feb

Learn from the founder of Kepler Leadership Club

Everything is a learning process Meet Gloria Rukomeza, founder of the Leadership Club at Kepler as she walks us through her journey after graduation. Gloria who is from the Democratic Republic of Congo graduated in Business Communications in 2020 from Kepler in partnership with Southern New Hampshire University. While at Kepler, Gloria was very active, […]


25 Jan

How Kepler shapes and inspires students to explore career options.

It is never too late to pursue your passion. Is there anything that inspires you more than knowing that there are people who have your back, are willing to support you to grow professionally and advise you to make the right decisions for your future? That is Kepler through the career choice module. It is […]


4 Jan

Kepler Partners with the Mastercard Foundation to Improve Access to Higher Education for Refugee and Host Community Youth

[Kigali, Rwanda — January 3, 2022]: Kepler has partnered with the Mastercard Foundation to expand the Iteme preparation program in Rwanda and Ethiopia. Through the Iteme program, Kepler prepares refugee and host community youth, with a focus on younp women, to access tertiary education through skill building, access to information, and tailored support with admissions […]


16 Dec

Kepler and Rwanda Polytechnic’s partnership to boost the employability of  TVET graduates 

This year 2021, Kepler launched an exciting program in partnership with Rwanda Polytechnic to boost the employability of TVET graduates through soft skills, job readiness training and industrial attachment within its colleges starting with IPRC Gishari. The training comprises professional competencies, communication skills, problem-solving, critical thinking, and career readiness training and will be taken by […]


24 Nov

Meet Joseph Dusabe, as he walks us through his journey post graduation

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