Kepler Board Member Stefan Keyes Visits Kepler Kiziba Campus




Kigali, 15 August 2023 – On Thursday last week, Kepler board member Stefan Keyes visited the Kepler Campus at the Kiziba Refugee Camp in Western Rwanda. This visit underscores Kepler’s commitment to uplifting marginalized communities, emphasizing the potential of refugee learners and the transformative power of education.

The visit provided an opportunity to deeply engage with the student community, offering insights into their dreams, aspirations, and challenges. During these interactions, students passionately shared their stories of resilience and determination.

Being at Kepler has fortified my strength. Every day stands as a testament to our resolve,” Pacifique Uwimbabazi, a student , remarked.

The dialogue between Keyes and the students emphasized the importance of overcoming challenges and the mindset needed to break barriers.

You are overqualified to handle life, for the hardships you’ve already faced have prepared you for anything,” Stefan asserted.

Stefan recounted his own journey, growing up in Ottawa as the only child of his mother amidst a complex upbringing. Despite his challenges, he persevered to achieve his goals, becoming a seasoned global journalist.

Life isn’t defined by hardships, but by our response to them. It’s about discovering that inner spark and the unwavering spirit to persevere against all odds,” Keyes emphasized.

Stefan Keyes’ visit to Kepler Kiziba Campus reinforced Kepler’s mission of empowering and equipping young minds in challenging situations, fostering hope, shaping futures, and recognizing the boundless potential within each individual.

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