Kepler Celebrates Alumni Excellence at the Alumni Impact Awards




Kigali, 7 August 2023 – Today, the Kepler community gathered in a grand celebration of its alumni’s outstanding achievements at the inaugural Alumni Impact Awards 2023.

The event, graced by Kepler founder and Board Chair, Oliver Sabot, who also had a panel discussion on community empowerment, underscored the institution’s dedication to nurturing excellence and effecting positive change in the community.

It’s not just about the education we provide, but about what our alumni do with it. Today, we celebrate the ripple effect of that education,” Oliver Sabot, in his keynote address, remarked.

Among the honored alumni was Denyse Umuhuza, a 2016 graduate in Communication with a focus on business communication and founder of Agati Library in northern Rwanda, who  received the Community Impact Award. Her social enterprise has enhanced community welfare and fostered a reading culture among children in the community.

Sharon Furaha, a 2014 graduate with a BA in Healthcare Management and now the Operations Coordinator at MASS Design Group, was honored with the Alumni Mentorship Award. This recognition stems from Sharon’s exceptional leadership and volunteerism to support both fellow alumni and students.

Mentorship is the bridge between knowledge and application,” Sharon commented upon receiving her award, emphasizing the importance of guiding younger generations.

Vivens Uwizeyimana, Chief Executive Officer of Umurava and a 2017 cohort graduate with a BA in Management specializing in Logistics and Operations, was named Alumni Entrepreneur of the Year. Rising from humble beginnings, Vivens founded Umurava, a platform exalting Africa’s digital workforce, which has boosted both profits and local economic growth.

Entrepreneurship is about seeing a need and daring to meet it. It’s about resilience and innovation,” Vivens shared, reflecting on his journey.

Attended by approximately 100 alumni, the Alumni Impact Awards not only celebrated individual achievements but also highlighted the collective impact of Kepler’s alumni community.

For more pictures, visit our Flickr page at Kepler HQ.