Kepler Marks World Refugee Day With Hope and Resilience




Kigali – On Friday, 24 June 2023, in an uplifting display of resilience and community spirit, Kepler celebrated World Refugee Day at its Kigali and Kiziba campuses. The event, themed ‘Hope Away From Home’, featured a medley of student-led activities including music, dance, martial arts demonstration, and panel discussions, acknowledging the struggles faced by refugee learners and celebrating their progress.

Kepler embraced this day as a moment to support and empower its refugee students, affirming their place in the community and their potential to shape a brighter future.

Roben Nshimiyimana, a Kepler alumnus, highlighted the transformative power of education in his life, emphasizing that coming to Kepler secured a job for him and completely changed his perspective.

It is important for us, as refugee youth, to recognize that our refugee status does not diminish our humanity or potential. We should proactively prepare ourselves, leveraging the available resources, to maximize our opportunities for success in the future,” He asserted.

Roben Nshimiyimana, a Kepler alumnus

Jean Baptiste Bagaza, Refugee Executive Committee President at the Kiziba Refugee Camp, delivered a rallying call to the refugee students, imploring each one to strive for university completion. He mentioned the potential wealth that can attract the world lies within the youth.

Though we face harsh realities and limited opportunities, let us defy the odds and bridge the gap between youth and education, for it is through resourcefulness and resilience that we shall forge a brighter future,” He said.

Jean Baptiste Bagaza, Refugee Executive Committee President at the Kiziba Refugee Camp holding a microphone during a panel discussion

Esperance Iribagiza Nakabonye, a prominent businesswoman and owner of the successful Best Future Women Restaurant, expressed optimism about the transformative power of education through Kepler and her faith in the potential of the refugee learners at Kepler Kiziba.

With Kepler, we have trust in our sons and daughters as they hold the key to a brighter future. With Kepler, they are acquiring new business skills while embracing technology. The positive impact of Kepler gives us hope.” She said

Nathalie Munyampenda, Kepler’s Chief Executive Officer, expressed pride in the resilience and determination of the refugee students. She reaffirmed Kepler’s commitment to providing them with the necessary skills and opportunities to thrive in their chosen fields, becoming agents of positive change in their communities.

You are capable. At Kepler, we aim to broaden your thinking. We value your contribution in moving this community forward,” he reiterated.

Nathalie Munyampenda, Chief Executive Officer at Kepler

Since its launch in 2013, Kepler has been dedicated to extending tertiary education opportunities to refugees and marginalized students. The high school bridging program, known as Iteme, and the Refugee College Guidance Counseling program has successfully served over 1,000 individuals in Rwanda, Ethiopia, and Kepler College.

The Kiziba campus, established in Kiziba refugee camp in Western Rwanda, accommodates 158 refugee students, emphasizing Kepler’s commitment to providing access to quality education to those forcibly displaced from their homes.

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