Learn from the founder of Kepler Leadership Club




Everything is a learning process

Meet Gloria Rukomeza, founder of the Leadership Club at Kepler as she walks us through her journey after graduation.

Gloria who is from the Democratic Republic of Congo graduated in Business Communications in 2020 from Kepler in partnership with Southern New Hampshire University. While at Kepler, Gloria was very active, apart from starting the Leadership Club, she worked as a Teaching Assistant. After attending the Ingenzi Program through Acts Of Gratitude Social Enterprise , Gloria developed a TECHSHIP project that aims to help high school students in technology and leadership development.

Let’s learn more about Gloria through a series of Q&A

-How would you describe your journey after graduation?

My journey post-graduation was bearable thanks to the different opportunities I got when I was still at Kepler that contributed to my career development. During my last year at Kepler, I started working as a cost developer intern with an E-learning company and got hired after graduation. Through the Ingenzi Social Enterprise Program I learned more about entrepreneurship like how to develop a business idea, make a business plan, and make elevator pitches. These skills pushed me to think out of the box and put my project into reality by developing TECHSHIP. I also got a scholarship to continue my education for a master’s at the University of Global Health Equity. Due to different experiences and the great foundation I acquired from Kepler, my journey after graduation was filled with various opportunities.

-What challenges did you encounter while in your first year at Kepler, and how did you overcome them?

My first year at Kepler was a bit challenging because moving from one country to another is not always easy. Kepler is a diverse institution so it was not easy adapting to everyone, but with the help of different programs such as professional competencies and workshops offered at Kepler, I found myself adapting to the Kepler community and warming up to everyone.

-How does the TECHSHIP project  operate? What inspired you to start it?

Our aim is to help high school students to acquire leadership and technology skills. We know that a good foundation is key in achieving great things, and most of us strive to develop our country by applying technology and leadership. What inspired me to start this project is that high school students normally don’t get the time to attend leadership events, so I decided to bring the resources to them. We started the project with two schools; Saint Ignatius and Riviera Highschool in Rwanda.

-What are your organization aspirations for the next five years?

I want to take TECHSHIP to an online program to be accessible by many students as well as ensure effectiveness and continuity as regards covid19 challenges. The project expansion will mean reaching more than the two high schools above, and in the future we shall go beyond Rwanda.

-How has your experience at Kepler contributed to your journey after graduation?

Kepler provides different opportunities such as the work-study program, internships, and other professional development opportunities, which helped me to acquire the professional skills required on the job market. As a Teaching Assistant during my second year of studies, I thought more of how I could develop my professional life. As a founder of the leadership club at Kepler, I obtained a lot of experience from the sessions and workshops we provided in the club. Notable are critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and networking skills, which have contributed to my career journey until today.

-What advice can you give to students on making positive change in the community?

No change will occur if the students don’t take action. Everything is a learning process, no matter how long it takes to reach your goal. Just give your ideas a try and enjoy the smallest progress because great achievements lie in the smallest steps we take. Secondly, do not  give up even if it is not always easy to start. Last but not least, be eager to network and learn from others .