Author Michele

9 Aug

The Power of Soft Skills in Career Development

The Power of Soft Skills in Career Development Soft skills are often regarded as secondary but in today’s world they have become essential. Soft skills are personal attributes needed for successfully executing tasks. They are character traits and interpersonal skills that characterise relationships with other people and complement hard skills in the workplace. Since 2021, […]


2 Aug

Opportune Utuje: Unlocking Opportunity At Kepler

Opportune Utuje: Unlocking Opportunity At Kepler Opportune Utuje, 21, currently pursuing a Bachelors of Arts in Management with a concentration in Logistics and Operations said that she always had a dream to pursue studies in management and finance.  “I want to become an auditor so I think that the course will help me to gain […]


26 Jul

Belynda on self-learning at Kepler

Belynda on self-learning at Kepler Belynda Abayisenga Isimbi, 22, almost got the shock of her life when she first encountered the concept of self-learning at Kepler in Kigali! Though a friend had recommended the school to her, her first encounter with Kepler raised more questions than answers in her head. “It was a challenge at […]


19 Jul

Kepler Opens New Pathway for Refugee Alumnus

Kepler Opens New Pathway for Refugee Alumnus Scrolling through LinkedIn, Elmac Ngango recently secured a job opportunity working remotely for a US-based company. He attributes his ability to get the opportunity to the digital skills he gained while at Kepler. Kepler prioritizes education and learner competencies plus getting almost 90 per cent of its students […]


8 Jul

Fostering a Passion for Writing at Kepler

Fostering a Passion for Writing at Kepler Nadege Sandra Uwayezu, 19, always had a passion for writing for as long as she remembers. Nadege currently has three published books that include a memoir and two poetry collections titled ‘Lighting in the Dark’, ‘First Creation’ and ‘Sense and Sensation’. Though she excelled in science subjects in […]


7 Jun

Erison Tumusime Makes Every Second Count At Kepler

Erison Tumusime, 25, was born and grew up in the eastern part of Uganda where his grandparents and parents fled to in the 1950s due to the onslaught against the Tutsis in Rwanda. In January 2019, Tumusime made a decision to trace back his roots,  made the journey back to Kigali, and joined his relatives […]


20 May

Gilbert Ishimwe’s Life Changing Journey at Kepler

Gilbert Ishimwe joined Kepler in 2016 and completed his studies in 2018 before graduating in 2019.  “I’ve had an interesting journey with the Kepler program. Throughout the program, I learned a lot of skills, e.g. problem solving, project management, leadership, communication, and introduction to technology, but above all, I met great colleagues and friends,” said […]


5 Apr

Kepler Experience Instills Resilience

Kepler Experience Instills Resilience Drocella Mukamashyaka, 30, was a farmer before she enrolled in Kepler in 2019. She reared livestock such as pigs and chickens, but decided to change the course of her life by gaining new skills and knowledge. Mukamashyaka, who lives near Kiziba, the oldest refugee camp in Rwanda, struggled to get an […]


21 Mar

A Passion for Music and Academics at Kepler

Eric Niyonkuru, a student who enrolled into Kepler in 2019 to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Communications degree, said that life events inspire him to write music. The student better known by his stage name, Ric Noir, broke into the music industry three years ago.  Niyonkuru said he makes use of prioritization and scheduling […]


4 Feb

Learn from the founder of Kepler Leadership Club

Everything is a learning process Meet Gloria Rukomeza, founder of the Leadership Club at Kepler as she walks us through her journey after graduation. Gloria who is from the Democratic Republic of Congo graduated in Business Communications in 2020 from Kepler in partnership with Southern New Hampshire University. While at Kepler, Gloria was very active, […]